Friday, February 19

coins inside your yellow purse, along with your kittens paws

Purchasing a new purse, might be the most grueling task a girl like me, has to accomplish. I realize how shallow that sounds, but give me a minute here to explain. A purse is the one accessory I have to rely on, every single day. It has to carry some of the most important things I have on my person at any given moment. So the need for it took look great while doing that is of up most importance. It needs to be able to go with everything, the color must be perfect and the size is imperative. I don't understand the women who carry tiny purses. I mean, I applaud them for being able to do so, however there is no way I could carry something small. I just have a ton of stuff; I am one of those women, I carry my entire world inside my bag.
So naturally my bags tend to err on the side of super large. Because of this, it enables me to fit even more things in it.Which then begs the question: Do I get large bags to fit my world in or I fit my world in my bags because they are large? 
Anthony use to constantly complain about the size of my purse. In his defense, it did tend to be in the way all the time. It also got to the point of being so large and full (I went to lunch one day and I plopped my bag on the counter and went riffling through it to find my wallet and the lady behind the counter was amazed at the amount of things I was pulling from its depths: DVD's, books, golves, paper and a sweater) that I would leave it home so that my aching shoulder could have a rest. 
Finally these two instances occurred and Anthony put his foot down on getting a new purse. 
1. Leaving and eating establishment, Anthony was carrying our tray to the garbage, I threw my bag onto my shoulder and it hit the tray in Anthony hands spewing it to the floor.
2. I ran over a small child at the Library. I literally couldn't see his tiny ness over my huge bag.
And so it is that I purchased this bag yesterday. Anthony isn't convinced its small enough. In fact he is sure its the same size; Its not. Plus the shoulder strap is what sold me, being able to drape it over my shoulders will be so heavenly; it might even change my life.

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