Tuesday, February 9

Give a Dog a Bone

I realize that some of these posts could write themselves. We tend to talk about the same things over and over again. We like music, men with beards, men with dark hair, we hate pj's, we hate Lindsay Lohan, blah. blah. blah. So, anyway this is me recognizing this and apologizing; but you get it only once.
Moving on, just that fast.
I actually went to a movie at Sundance. I know so crazy, I didn't just go there to spy famous people after all. 
Went with a group of people on the second to last day of the festival. The plan was to see the movie that won the Jury Dramatic Prize. Since we didn't have tickets, we had to get there two hours early and stand in a line to get a number; after that, you have to come back half hour before the movie starts and wait again. After all of that, they only let in the amount of people they have empty seats for. So it could be all for not.  We were betting that since it was the end of the festival that we would be golden. 
When we got our numbers they still hadn't even announced who the winner was, so we had no idea what movie we were doing all this waiting for. It turned out well for us. We all (six of us) got in and the movie was fantastic. It was called Winters Bone.  Based on the novel by the same name.
A very quite movie that I recommend if you like any of the following: Bleakness, the smell of manure, the Ozarks, Meth, John Hawkes, Cutting hands off with a chainsaw, Redwoods, Farms, Little Kids, Forests, Meth ( I know I said it already), Super scary white trash rednecks or Family. 


  1. Totally sounds like my kind of movie, not. I'm glad you liked it though! Did A go with you?

  2. Yuppers, Anthony, Peggy and Josh. It was a very fun time!


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