Monday, February 8

Your coffin or mine

 Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are one million factors going into the decision, that a person who wears pj's to the supermarket, wades through. It ranges from everything from time, not giving a damn, to simple comfort: I understand all of that; I am not saying your decision isn't valid; I am only stating that I reject your decision altogether, no matter the argument. I myself have a pair of leggings that I wear out all the time; in the argument of comfort. But I don't ever wear this particular pair to bed; I just firmly believe in separating the two avenues of your life. For instance, last week, when I was so sick, even my eyes had a fever, I still put on jeans when I went to the supermarket to buy medicine or soup. Yes, I am better than you!
However, we live in a time when people take care of this for you and for me. Jeans that are actually pajama pants!!
Yet if you are wearing them to bed; I still argue that it doesn't matter what they look like, they should not be worn outside the house.

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