Tuesday, February 16

Here we come Richard

Two of my favorite TV shows when I was growing up were: X files and Tales from the Crypt. I use to love, love to watch Tales from the Crypt, as a pre teen it was the best thing about my Friday nights (or was it Saturday nights?). One particular story that I can remember the best goes like this:

Joe Pesci stars as a traveling sales man. One day he stumbles upon a very large castle like mansion. Inside he finds twin sisters very lovely but very reclusive and he wants them, both. So he comes up with a plan. He tells them he also has a twin, but he is a salesmen too, and they are never in town at the same time. So he pretends to be himself and his twin and he gets both the girls. He thinks he is so clever because it is going so well. Until one day he falls asleep outside while suntanning. He ends up getting a sunburn with a particular pattern. He doesn't think much of it, but the girls notice. They put it together and they get super  angry but they each decide they can't live with out him. So, what do they come up with? They saw him in half, obviously. Great Right? Right!
To refresh your memory, Tales from the Crypt consisted of short comic horror stories in a hour long TV program. And it's a wonder how I never saw Creep Show until last night; same concept but in movie form. With the added bonus of the genius that is George Romero and Stephen King, in one tidy little package; it's almost a sin of pure pleasure.
Then you add Leslie Nielsen and Ted Danson into the mix and the very real possibility that I was going to loose the top half of my head (from the top of my ears on up) was imminent.

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