Wednesday, May 26

two divided by two

Here are two things I don't care about. I almost don't care enough to post something about them, but here it is
I don't care if she is skinny, I don't care if she is fat, I don't care is she dates John Mayer or Billy Corgan. I don't care if she farts her way off this  planet. I don't care if her dad is creepy or that her sister looks better as a redhead. I don't care if she makes music again or if she continues to be famous doing MTV reality shows.
I just don't give a shit. 

I don't care who wins Dancing with the Stars. I prefer to watch, So You think You Can Dance. Because it is full with amazingly talented people( who are not trying to revive or prolong their twenty minutes of fame), who do amazingly talented dances ( as in the can dance, its not painful to watch, I mean I cry sometimes, but its because its so good). That is entertainment to me. So...DWTS you can suck it....

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