Friday, May 14

Posting to post

I have been struggling lately with topics to post on. Lets not mistake this however, with the fact that I continually think about things I really want to post about, but I forget them all the time. I will see something, hear something and think well hell, I have an opinion on that I will for shiz blog about it. And then she is gone the very next day. Damn this brain of mine, because in all actuality I have a great memory. Just ask my cousin Melissa. I can recall things from our childhood, that she herself never remembers. Detailed events down to the clothing we were wearing (which has more to do with the fact that I had horrible personal style for all of the 90's, a fact that plagues me to this day). But for the sake of the few people who do read this on a constant basis and have asked me to blog to save their sanity, how can I refuse them? I am nothing if not a superhero in the blogging world, after all, I do look exceptional in tights!!


  1. See how you saved me from my boredom!!

  2. Please do ask me. That girl has an amazing memory. Maybe we need to work on the short term Liz?