Friday, May 14

Face of the year

Why must she never do her hair or put a different look on her face, even for Oprah, KStew has failed yet again to look like anything but a strung out piece of partially warmed up breakfast ham.


  1. I concur. She has zero personality. And it shows in Bella. Sorry Kstew...

  2. She is skipping the diva stage and going straight for the "need some kinda rehab" phase. Only in her case, she is addicted to pretty much just being horrible all over. She is kinda the new Carrie Fisher.

  3. But I heard that she at least sounded like she wasn't doped up and high, and that RPattz also came off as not weird. That's an accomplishment for both? I didn't watch it myself, so that's all second-hand information. YMMV.