Monday, May 10

Decidedly stupid

My obsession with the CW programming is not unlike the time I bought shoes for my dog. I thought it would be cute to see him walk around in tiny tennis shoes, after all they were blue and red. What happened after strapping him into those shoes and watching him try to walk however, was nothing short of tragic. But tragic in the way that it is funny and so sad all at the same time, that I kept showing people, because I myself could not look away as he individually picked up each foot and tried to spider walk his way across the room. I did end up taking back the shoes the very next day, I am not that heartless. 
Almost identical in sight is the CW show One Tree Hill. Most of the time its just so funny and sad all the same time (without trying to be) that its impossible to watch, but every now and then its so bad that it turns good again (without trying to be) and its impossible not to watch.
For instance I was watching TV this weekend and ad for the next episode came on and apparently one of the main characters is going to try to commit suicide. This main character to be exact

Whose character's name, if I know my ass from my elbows, is Haley. Who in the course of the shows existence has been impregnated whilst still in High School which lead to her having to put her music career aside for her new husband and baby. The boyfriend turned husband was a struggling amateur (recently, just this last season, turned pro) Basketball player (which is what this show is about, basketball, which is always a big snooze fest for me.) Who injures himself and cheats on her with the nanny. Then her son almost drowns in their pool and then later is kidnapped by nanny who slept with husband and almost killed. Which I know sounds all interesting, but really, so poorly done that I haven't watched it in a while. But after seeing the promo for her suicide attempt, I feel like its time to re visit One Tree Hill. Especially considering the fact that Haley looks as if she is going to drown herself in the pool her son almost died in. I mean how poetic is that?
On a similar note:
This sexy strumpet is Hilarie Burton, she use to star on One Tree Hill. But then I think her character was killed off. I am uncertain however, because that was during a period where I did not watch the show. It was almost as if she disappeared into thin air. One moment there and the next *Poof* she was gone. Anyhow, I was reading through US Weekly yesterday and apparently she is dating (and secretly had a baby with) Jeffery Dean Morgan, who for those that Grey's is Denny and those that comic book is Comedian from Watchmen and here is a visual reference...
It is crazy to me that they are dating, it gave me pause, almost like: well if these two can date, anything can happen!
And then I had to laugh out loud at the reasoning US Weekly gave as to why they speculate that they have a secret baby, its because there was a nine month period where she was not photographed. Which I think just happens when your biggest acting credit was One Tree Hill and your not even on that show anymore.
If it is all true.......... then wonders never cease.

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