Wednesday, May 19

Start Up Maintenance Instructions

If I have said it once, I will say it again, on million times, if I have too, I love these two (one Shia LeBeouf and one Carey Mulligan) together. I hope they get married and have lots of sex and babies.
I heard a rumor at one point that these two (Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) were hooking up. I don't know that it was ever an actual relationship, but I wish it was... that and I want to look like Michelle when I grow up... it can't hurt, right?
 Then there was the rumor that these two (Diane Lane and Josh Brolin) were getting a divorce, and I am once again elated, to see that is not the case. Though I am under the impression that Josh Brolin is a complete and totally ass hat. But he is really good looking.  I think him and his wrangler clad ass in No Country for Old Men, sparked my love for cowboys. Cowboy butts drive me nuts. Not really, but Josh's butt, on the other hand..... a totally different story.


  1. Hmm, might be my age, but I think Josh's DAD is the dead sexy one!

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  3. Are you sort of surprised how much Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams look alike in those two particular photos? Because I am. Love their short hair, but not enough to cut mine.

  4. I love Michelle Williams sooo much! I love her style and that she was dating Spike Jones and I want to be her when I grow up as well (or even just be her right now next to Ryan Gosling). And I had this plan to grow my hair out and go brunette but when I saw these pictures as well I want to cut and go more blonde. Agh! Choices!