Tuesday, May 4

But you only just MET me

Last night was the Met Museum Costume Institute Gala.
This years theme "American Women: Fashioning a National Identity", whatever the hell that means, I just like looking at the pretty dresses. Or the really horrible ones like this one
I really have no love for her. Mainly it is due to the fact that no matter the movie she is in, she rocks the most horrific hair I have ever seen, aside from Cameron Diaz's hair in My best Friends Wedding, that was disgusting. Elizabeth's hair, is way too matronly for her and it bothers me that she does nothing about it, except talk about how hot she is, in every interview I have ever heard her give. So it does make my heart smile to see her look like this. It just does.....
Is so beautiful. I mean she is stunning in every thing she wears, in any color. However, her make up is really not working for her so much here, but I mean she can do no wrong in my eyes. My only worry for her is her poor back. I mean it has got to be the worst job in the world carry those huge massive breasts around. I do not envy the girl her boobs. I really don't. 
I am so happy to see these two back together and that is really all I have to say. I mean they do look sexy and gorgeous but is like....well obvious. 
I don't know how she does it considering her most notable movie was 10,000 BC, which came out two years ago. But somehow she manages to show up looking amazing at every event she attends. Either She is sleeping with some designer or some designers. Or her stylist is the most magical person on the planet. Maybe it doesn't matter that she isn't super famous, maybe her super gorgeous face is all anyone needs?
Oops! It looks like Jessica forgot to get ready before she left the house. Justin should have told her to take a shower and get out of that night gown. Maybe he was just planning on his own hotness and her pretty, pretty face, getting them by. Which it almost does. Almost. 


  1. I dislike both Sienna Miller and Jude Law, so I too am glad to see them back together: let's keep that massive dysfunction in one couple rather than spreading it out. I thought Camilla Bell's most notable role was Push? I really quite liked that movie. Jessica Biel's dress is pretty horrid. Doesn't Christina Hendricks look like Aphrodite in that dress? Maybe Athena or Hera, but I vote for Aphrodite.

  2. Christina must have back massages frequently. Big boobs are a pain really. Haha... Get it?!?! I didn't realize how short Sienna Miller was, or how tall Jude Law is. She is still 6 inches shorter than him, and she is wearing 6 inch heals. As for Justin, I am not such a fan of the black on black on black thing... :/ And I am sure I heard rumors than him and Jessica broke up. I guess they were just that- rumors.

  3. Alyson - I think Push was great, I just think more people saw 10,000 BC