Monday, May 24

And then there was none

I am trying to figure out just how I feel about the fact that Brittany Murphy's husband was found dead (due to natural causes, which just means initially they have ruled out homicide and obvious suicide, like gun shots etc.) yesterday, Sunday evening, for those who don't know the day of the week.  
On one hand,  it is very, very, sad that he has passed away, unexpected death causes pain to those who are left behind, and from what I have read Sharon, Brittany's mother was already having such a hard time when Brittany passed. Now this, her one rock (which was kinda strange, the relationship Simon (Brittany's husband) and her had) which leads me to the point about this. I feel like there is still something very fishy going on here. With Brittany's death, with him and his death. I just can't get over the fact that he looks like a serial killer. And the repeated reports of people saying he was manipulative and just sort of an all around scumbag. So maybe he drugged her and himself. Maybe and more exciting, Sharon, killed them both. Call it a hunch, because I don't know that it will ever be proven, but there was something very fishy (I mean two seeming healthy young people are now dead) going on in that house.

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  1. That does seem much more than coincidental. I hadn't heard this news yet!