Friday, May 14

They came from outter space

Just the other day I was having lunch with my dear sweet friend Brooke. When we get together we tend to gossip. But not just about people we know, sometimes we gossip about celebrities, like we know them. It is all in good fun and I cherish the time I spend with that special lady. One very informative piece of gossip she laid on me was this. Her sister works in a very upscale salon in L.A., in which Celebrities often visit. They offer all sorts of services at this salon, not just the usual. And when I say all sorts I am talking mainly on the massage and pedicure side, nothing freaky, but apparently that was lost on a couple of celebrities who can no longer visit said salon. Two very well known actors, men actors, who one at least, has a wife and kids, were asked never to return, because they asked for "happy endings" from the male masseurs. Its true people! And I was trying to decide whether to tell the names or not...but I feel like next time you see me, ask me and I will tell you. 
So after she told me the names I was like, wait, one of them wasn't Tom Cruise?
Because I have always suspected and I have heard funny rumors over the years that Tom is actually gay. 
Which is why I feel like Katie Holmes looks so sad most of the time. A fact I was discussing with Marianne the other day also. Almost as if Tom is using some sort of mind control where he never lets her shower. (which has more to do with him being crazy, than gay, two different thoughts)
to which Marianne said: "I don't know that I have noticed."  to which I said "oh my.. I will send you pictures, she looks disgusting, ALL THE TIME."
Then I actually looked at pictures of Katie and I had to change my tune. I guess I was a bit harsh, because in the end, mostly she just looks like a mom. And I will have to admit a pretty cute one at that, one that I think I am kinda of in love with, I mean fashion wise, I mean she isn't Brittany Spears, is all I am saying. 

She does appear to be struggling with what to do with her hair as she is trying to grow it out, but that is something I think we can all relate to. Although I do have a hard time believing she should even have to struggle with something like that, considering the money she has at her disposal. But that is my own personal problem and I should not lay it at Katie's feet.


  1. K, so I personally think she feels stuck. I think she thought it was oh so cool to go on a few dates with Tom Cruise. Then, it would be oh so much cooler to sleep with Tom Cruise. Then, oops. She got knocked up and felt like she needed to stay with the baby daddy. And, after all, there could be alot worse people out there to be stuck with. (Albeit that he IS weird). Anyway, I dunno about dirty, but worn down sometimes. Other times though, she can really pull it out. She is a pretty girl, just the same.

  2. Please please tell me.

  3. I think Katie pulls off mom pretty well. And Suri is adorable. It's like she's always going out in dress-ups. Sure, her dress-ups cost $thousands unlike normal kids' dress ups, but she's very rarely in an outfit I'd guess Katie picked out. Kudos for letting her be a real(ish) kid.

    You going camping next weekend? You gonna tell me who asked for happy endings?

  4. G - I emailed ( you the names, your welcome!

    Al - I will tell you at the camping trip!!