Friday, May 14

Prince of really nice biceps

Lucy was talking last night about how Jake here is in Prince of Persia the Sands of Time, because who would go and see that movie, if he wasn't in it? Which I don't think is fair, I can think of lots of reasons I would go and see this movie. 
  1. I think Jake's hair looks really sexy long.
  2. I kind of dig the way his trousers hug his package.
  3. He has got some really nice pecs in this picture.
  4. I am sort of the fence about how it looks as though he man-scaped. I mean he isn't hair less, but I would prefer a bit more. I know its wierd. On myself, hair disgusts me, on men, I looove it!!
  5. He almost looks like the Rock in this picture!
  6. Did I mention that I like his long hair. 
  7. I am not really into licking, but his pose in this picture is conjuring some different feelings for sure.
  8. Wait...did we talk about his hair?

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