Wednesday, May 12

This is the most amazing thing I think I have ever seen....


  1. I love it! I was watching this so many times when I discovered it.

  2. The kid has a great voice. I hope like crazy he can unseat Justin Bieber and become the new king of baby voices.

    But I am perplexed by the gushing. He slaughters the song, getting the notes and timing wrong in multiple places. It has gone viral on youtube and Facebook, and I'm not getting it at all.

    I guess there's always a party pooper like me, though, right? The person who watches the most talented person on earth and says "meh".

  3. Wow. I think he's very talented. What I noticed the bored faces of some of the kids in the crowd. What does it take to entertain us anymore? With media everywhere, we take talent for granted. I love you, Lizzie-Bee, don't be lonely. You are great!