Friday, May 14

Darn this stuff....

Last night I was granted the pure pleasure of having my dearest Marianne and Lucy come to my house for our ritual night of food (usually mass amounts) and watching of our favorite Thursday night TV programming of Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy. For a while it included Private Practice, but even we have standards, which can be interpreted however you feel.  Also in tow was Lucy's friend Megan.
It was the season finale of Vampire Diaries, which season finales are always a good time. Even if I haven't seen a show before, I will watch the season finale, because it is the show where everything happens, no filler of fluff. And even though we hadn't actually watched since maybe March it was still awesome. I still argue that the series is way better than the books. And we are constantly pleased that every episode the men just get sexier and sexier!!
But here is something that I can't help and wonder every single week. What in the name of  bats at Christmas, would a, couple hundred odd years old, vampire, see in a 17 year old high school girl? Its the same question on my lips with Twilight. It just makes no sense in actual reality.  There is no way a boy that old and experienced ( and I am not just talking sex, I mean life experiences) would find his heart's content with a moody and naive little girl. So..... if this vampire trend is going to continue, I must make a plea that we get someone in there who can get the job done. Give the girl some age and substance, please for the love of goats and their cheese.

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