Monday, May 3

Joe, Joe, Joe your boat

The other evening I was mentioning to my dear sweet Aunts how surprising it was that while I love JGL I have never dreamed about him (naughty or otherwise). This was of course after one of them shared a very amazing dream she had about one of her famous crushes. It was a shame we decided and very, very strange considering how much I  adore that boy. 
Well I am happy to report that last night I had a dream and fortunately for me it was about JGL but unfortunately it was not sexy. Boo. 
In fact I had no actual interaction with him at all. Essentially I was in a very large supermarket, like a Costco, and I got in line to pay, behind this women who had a overflowing cart of goods. As I was eyeballing her cart with pure judgment, I over hear her tell the check out girl that this cart of food (including Twinkies and Tofu) is actually for JGL. Who is in the store but can't for obvious reasons buy his own groceries. 
I am of course silently freaking out behind her. Thinking to myself, Holy Crap, he is here!
But I play it cool and after she is rung up and starts to leave I follow after her (leaving behind my cart, because all there is is tampons any how).
I am so stealthy in my hiding behind cosmetic and Jewelry counters that she never realizes that I am following her. 
We travel through the store for what seems like ages and eventually we come to a fenced off area that isn't even remotely hidden (tons of people are walking by, NBD) and sitting in the middle at a table is JGL.
It is almost half, sitting like a caged animal there for our enjoyment (please bless) and half like he was just waiting to sign autographs.
Either way, I stop a moment and take in his beautification (because he is so beautiful) and then I fluff my hair pull my shoulders back and I walk. I don't walk up to fence and engage him, oh no, I walk right by.  But its more of a strut, I mean I am working it. And poor Joe has no choice he has to look and when he does a small part of him falls in love with me. I know this because I see it in his face. Because like any good girl, who struts pass a guy like she don't care, always does a look back like "Oh yeah, I know you want it." And if you have done your job correctly you will have them pleading, begging, agonizing, for a second look.
Which he was and then he started barking, or more accurately my damn dog started barking. So I woke up. And try as I might, when I do get back to sleep, my dream never picks up right where it left off.


  1. I do like the way you made him want you by feigning indifference; but tough break about everything else—about being awakened by the dog that likes Anthony better anyway (because I assume Pippin can't bark loud enough to wake you? or has Joan just prejudiced me?) and about it being just a Costco dream. Mind you, I have those too—movie theaters and Old Navy and playing at the park and going to church instead of something sexy. Sigh.

  2. I have grocery store dreams all the time. Just random people I haven't seen/thought of in years, show up at my grocery store. Oh well :/

  3. You silly girl. You have a JGL look-alike right in your own bed. Well, he's halfway across the country now, but you miss him, so a JGL replacement would be like being with your good-looking hubby while not really being with him or cheating on him, soo....never mind. I just think that the above photo looks a lot like the missing Anthony. I love you!