Wednesday, May 19

Don't water those, they are fake

Apparently they are making this book into a movie. Which considering my love for old circus photos, I feel like esthetically, I will be in love with this movie, even though I was only lukewarm, in love with the book.
Our favorite vampire, Robbie Pattinson, is going to be the lead Jacob Jankowski, which I think works well. His awkwardness and bad acting might serve him well as the young, naive, lovesick hero.
Reese Witherspoon is going to be Marlena? Which doesn't work for me at all. Don't get me wrong, she is pretty, I love her, but she is too goofy, southern and blond and it works for characters like, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde or Tracy Flick in Election. It doesn't compute with my image of Marlena. So.. I hope its not disappointing. Because Christoph Waltz is playing August, and that's just perfect. Especially if you saw Inglorious Basterds. He plays over bearing assholes, really well.

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