Tuesday, June 22

You two look up here

The joke: this is how Tom must feel ever time he stands next to giantess Katie Holmes, was made on the website I stole this photo from. 
But….it doesn’t change how much this shot has made my day…. I am chortling with guttural laughter. He just looks so tiny and confused….and he looks like he needs and adult. Or just someone who can grab things off of really tall shelves for him….wait, Katie can!!


  1. I didn't even recognize katie—is that katie?—in the picture. Maybe I was too busy staring at the weird way her boobs ooze out of the top of her dress there. I just don't even know. She looks so totally weird. But boy, she makes DR look like he needs a day in the sun, for sure.

  2. Yep. I would say this isn't Katie's best look. Her hair looks like she barely brushed it. She is definitly falling out of the top, and they way the waist and full skirt makes her look like a hippo on the bottom half. Oh well.