Wednesday, June 9

and then there was.....

I was expecting to have this amazing self revelation, over the past week. This revelation was going to tell me what to do in terms of this here blog. Because I just don't know anymore.
I like this blog, but I hate it......sometimes.....too.
But there was no revealing of any kind that happened for me. I still love this blog and I still hate this blog
BUT ....
(and its a big one, like the kind you can't help yourself from stopping to look at, I mean like baby got back...)
I know that I can't live without this, I like to write and ramble too much to let this die.
I have....literally...too many thoughts bouncing around inside my pineapple.
The one thing I do know is....... I will be posting lots of different kinds of things to this blog, other than the things I have been posting. Other kinds of things<---what you may be asking, is this vague description referring? Well.... that friends, is exactly what you will be finding out.
Just know that my only hesitation in posting in the past has never been that I don't think you deserve to hear what  I have to say, more that you don't care what I have to say. But since I have you here, therefore you care......can we discuss how much Black Keys and New Pornographers, I have been listening to lately. Yes! Ok, well...while I waited for my revelation, that never came and probably.... at this rate....never come. I listened to the Black Keys Attack and Release 
and The New Pornographers Challengers on repeat.
I am sad that I have yet in my life to see either of these bands perform. Especially the Black Keys, they just came and I just missed them. Out of pure and simple bad planning and lack of motivation that plagues everything I do in life. But the fact that this kind of music exists in the world and I am able to listen to it, really helps me not give up on the state of things.

Love Forever and Always


  1. Whatever you write, I'm glad you're back because I love you.

  2. When I was reading this I was like "ooohh I wonder if she went and saw them" but then you answered my question. I missed them too.

    I love your blog btw.