Wednesday, June 16

In the big finale we sacrifice the goats

So now that Anthony has watched the finale of Lost, we can finally discuss its series ending and subsequently how I feel like I want the last six years of  watching Lost, back. 
I honestly believe that as far as shows go, Lost was one of the good ones. They had great writers, great directors, stellar actors and above all they knew where they were going with the story from day one. Not only that but they were able to carry out the whole story to the end. It is so sad when really great shows don't get to finish what they started, from just being canceled after two seasons (Carniv├íle ) or having  little notice and having to sloppily wrap a series (Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls). Leaving us as  the audience; robbed, beaten and left for dead.
So its great that we got to see the big picture with Lost. Having said that; if I would have known when I started watching the first episode of Lost six years ago... that the whole series was leading up to protecting a light on an island by any means necessary, while also subsequently learning there is an after life.........I think I would have changed the channel.


  1. I never watched Lost, but I'm grateful for the very short summary of what it was about!

    Have you seen Firefly? My favorite canceled series! You won't be sad you wasted time on it!