Monday, June 21

red fish: blue fish

Lets first get it out of the way, KStew looks fine here. Would never be able to go as far as saying she looks great (even though I must admit in my heart, in this particular picture, she does look great, because she looks like maybe she showered) Yay! One small victory for her. However... I do still feel like I wanna smack that face of hers, so one step forward, two steps back.
Lets then get out of the way, how much I just adore Dakota Fanning (I wanna take that face and acting ability, bottle it and sale it at Target for $4.99).
This dress isn't just amazing, its downright spectacular, as in, I could see myself watching this dress sit on a stage by itself and do nothing, or simply read from its diary, all the Haiku's its written about the tough breakup it went through with its boyfriend, Javier.. he is so handsome and gentle, but she doesn't love him anymore.
Then I will rock it back an forth until it stops crying and then slide it onto my body and never again take it off. Then maybe I can stand on a red carpet with my arm around KStew and when we go back stage, punch her in her face!!


  1. Um, so I think Kstews dress looks too small. Like, it was made for someone who is shorter than her. But, yeah for the shower!

  2. You are freakin' hilarious!! Your blog made my day - just bummed I waited until 8:45pm to read it otherwise I might have been in a way better mood hours ago. Love you and Dakota but you more of course!!

  3. I am laughing my little guts out at what you could watch this dress do! LOLOL! I'm with Em, I don't like KStew's dress at all. Looks more like a strapless swimsuit really. But I do think KStew has been rocking the press junket for Eclipse, she has looked showered and made up at every stop I've seen pictures from. I'm glad someone forced her to make an effort!