Tuesday, June 22

there you are in the corner, there you are in the spotlight, loosing your religion

Every morning when I wake, I am surprised that I still have hair on my head. People with curly hair and redheads (which I am a redhead, but not for realz, but in my heart, so it kinda counts) loose more hair than those with straight or any other color (its 100% true, I learned it in hair school and they don't lie, if you must know, redheads/curlyheads, have more hair on there heads than anyone else, therefore we have more to loose). My hair is by no means as curly as some, but it holds its own, its pleasantly wavy. And I loose it in droves. Its insane and I honestly can't believe that there is any left on my head at the end of the day. It is also sort of disgusting, because I leave hair balls in my wake.  You can tell where I have been, if there is a mass of reddish brown tendrils on the seat in your car. Because if I have been there, my hair will be left behind, kinda like a memento of  Liz. I also leave it in my food, I had to get over the bile that rises in my throat when I see hair in food. Because I, myself, will shed into my food. I will look down and there will be my very own hair, in my very own food. Eww.... not only that but it happens the other way around also, I get food in my hair ALL THE TIME. After I eat, I can look down and there will be crumbs, scattered about my curls. It would be poetic, if it weren't so nauseating.


  1. Just wait until after your first kid... It gets even more gross :p

  2. I had no idea that juicy little tidbit about curly redheads. Explains a lot, so thanks for that.