Monday, June 14

Kindly Kindle or Every Nook and Crany

There is something so impersonal, about the Kindle or the Nook. I just can't bring my head into the possibility of ever buying one, for the following reasons. 
The comfort of having a book in hand, all papery and magnificent, is something I cherish very much. The weight of it, the smell of it, the artwork, the everything about a book is pure art, in and of its self. Curling up with a metal machine, just doesn't do it for me, it is not the same thing.  Not to mention, these devices and the iPad, are just way too Ender's Game, for me, and while I liked that book, because I was in love with Ender, never mind he was like nine..... at the oldest (creep much?), I don't know that technology and I, really get along all that well. Therefore its best to keep my books and my technology, separate.
I mean how awkward does homegirl look in this photo?Not at all like she is really enjoying herself (maybe that's just bad acting? maybe it's just bad Kindle). And while I understand the purpose of these devices and I get the whole save a tree aspect, of downloading your books. And the very real possibility that I may not have a choice in the future (kinda like what happened with music Tapes...... I would be all good with going back to tape players/tapes; I love me some mixed tapes, a mixed CD is just not as good, ever). But the planet's future not withstanding, I hate this concept very much.

I want this Kate Spade Nook therefore I must buy a Nook... so that I can cover it with this......Right?


  1. I heart books too. The only reason I'd buy one of these (at this time) is if I were a huge traveler (like one of my friends, who is literally gone for 3 weeks at a time) and had tons of reading time and not tons of luggage space. For that kind of person, it's amazing. For me, who has bookshelves that need filling, it's counter-productive.

  2. As an English teacher, don't even talk to me about downloadable books (I guess I should be thankful people still even read). But as you say, without the paper we miss the smell, the feel, the illustrations, the funny things people stick between the pages and forget about.