Monday, June 14

This one is made of iron, that other one is not

Iron Man 2 was pretty good. I admit that I was a bit nervous at first, but all in all when you combine both the amazingness that is Robert Downey Jr. and Sam Rockwell, how could it be anything but...good. 
Also, Mickey Rourke was fine, Scarlett was pretty (the more movies I see of hers, the more I think: Pretty but just sort of blah as an actress, not bad, not really good) and Gwyneth was... there (I love Gwyneth, but she isn't really that great an actress either). Don Cheadle was just as good of a war machine as Terrence Howard. I personally like Don Cheadle more, just overall, so... I like him more in that role, but that is, once again, just my personal flavor. If they hadn't recast Terrence, it would have been just sixes to have him in that role still.

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  1. I thought there were a few plot flaws (but I always overthink those things, don't get me started on X-Men III) but it was gorgeous. I have a girlcrush on Gwyneth.