Wednesday, June 23

What if I can't get down?

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and one of my co workers came down to use the bathroom. 
He stopped at my desk and said "You know what Liz? The weather is really good for a tandem, and you see that bag in the back of my truck? its got a tandem seat in it, so what do you say?"
"Um, no thanks!" I say, with a smile of course. 
Justin (my co-worker) is a Paraglider. He has been doing it for years, even his wife is into it and if I am not mistaken, he purposed to her while they were flying, hell, they may have conceived their child while flying, they are that into it.
Last year, the two of them went to Italy and did some flying, that is literally what they went over there for, Paragliding.
So ever since he started working with us, he has been trying hard to get us all out there. And up until yesterday had taken out two of the five men I work with. 
and now he can count me on the list as well!
My only hesitation ever was that I am afraid of heights. But rest assured the sensation is different from any thing like a roller coaster, cliff or airplane. Plus Justin is such a pro, its like no big deal, whatever. And I asked him how many times he has crashed, by himself or otherwise, and he has never crashed, so the odds were in my favor, for sure!
(Tandem: Two People)
Not really a bad way to spend a Tuesday afternoon, eh?


  1. So glad you went. Does he want to ask me? Because I'd go in a heartbeat!

  2. That does look fun! I am glad you went. Hubby and I went one day when we were out in Utah (in fact it could have been that exact place. I dunno). And I am super glad you went! Yay for being adventurous!