Wednesday, June 9

Catch and Release

 I myself am planning on at least thinking about acquiring
all of them, whether that happens or not, is yet to be seen....
of the movies to rent, I will recommend these two only...
John Hilcoat (director) masterfully crafted a world that felt just like the one I read about in the book by the same name; written by none other than the amazing Cormac McCarthy. Both Cormac and John have an ability to create beauty out of bleakness, it is truly overwhelming. This movie is sad, yes, but how can a movie about...... ...practically the last two people on earth..... be anything but?
I don't know that this was as well received by the masses. But I love me some Leo and some Sorcsese. Now...was it the best they have done together...NO! for my money that would be "The Departed", but, there is something so comforting in them continuing to work together.... isn't there?
Movies in the theater
 I went and saw Prince of Persia, I say skip it, there is maybe, maybe one scene with Jake shirtless....what a disappointment.Boo.


  1. There you are. I was starting to see bugs on the wall and to shake uncontrollably. Feed my addiction for Lizzie-Bee!

  2. I love me some Leo as well. It all started w/ Romeo & Juliet...