Tuesday, June 22

Dirty socks make for dirty souls

Why do I even care what goes on with A-LEX-A Ray Joel? I don't know, but I do care something fierce. 

Even though she looks so much like her Dad (Billy Joel) it is sort of off putting and creepy. I do still  find her most undeniably beautiful. Also I know she is a sad little thing, which is always sort of endearing to me. Right? Sadness effects everyone, even the super rich and beautiful, whom some would argue, are actually the saddest people of all. So like I said endearing.
That and I was happy to hear she has got her self a new man, this is Cass Dillon (which for the record, good name!) And I had to immediately Wikipedia his ass, because with the name Dillon and those eyebrows, I was like Hark! did he fall from the same tree as one Jakob Dylan? I mean not the same spelling but like same eyebrows...

Maybe he is pulling  a Nick Cage.... who is actually a Coppola.

But, nawh, matching eyebrows aside, Cass is just some musician who is sleeping his way to the top. Who would have ever guessed.

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