Monday, June 28

Gingers have souls

Over the weekend I went to Lagoon. Which is amazing fun all in of itself, however the people watching it affords,  is priceless. One thing I noticed was that Red Hair is very popular right now, this was also something I discoverd on Sunday when I went to Arts Festival downtown. 
I use to be (unless my dear sweet cousin Meliss was with me) one in a crowd of many, with redhair. Now it is everywhere not only that but my dipshit girlfriend Kstew has gone red as well.... damn it. 
Worst of all, I think I kind of like it on her. It may be because the cut is so much better than her awful grown out mullet. So therefore its hard to judge it really, because I am just soooo thankful she cut that mess on top of her head. But in these pictures especially, the strawberry blonde seems to compliment her skin really nicely. Which just makes me want to cry purple tears of diamond roses, which, I will have to check with someone, on whether that is actually possible and get back to you.
Also is she wearing a bumpit? or did someone asshat backcomb her hair? Who back combs a bob? Honestly.

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