Wednesday, September 1

Wait...who are you?

I have never been able to determine the protocol for running into famous people.  Because I love famous people almost as much as I love cookies, they are just better, on sooo many levels, than regular people. So when you see them, do you scream their name from across a parking lot as they get into an SUV (Sundance and JGL anyone?) or do you act cool and ignore them? Is it ever ok to go up to them and ask for a picture?
I just never know. 
Mind you I don't run into famous people all the time, but I have had my moments.
I recently went on a little trip to L.A. with a friend Amy,  one morning, while walking through Amoeba music (where I was sure there would be hordes of famous faces, I mean right? they just hang out there, right?)
I turned to Amy and said, "I better see at least one famous person while I am in L.A. or else."
I had nothing to back that threat up with, but still the universe knew I meant business. 
Because later that evening while attending a show at the Troubadour....who walks in, right pass me, so close I could have and should have, reached out and pinched him?
..pic reference
Dude with glasses is Eric.
Now, I know what you are thinking, he isn't even famous. 
People, I assure you that for me and this guy we were with, he is uber famous, to the point we both giggled like little girls and kept swatting at each other saying "You go talk to him...NO! you go talk to him."
We both decided it was better to play it cool and just keep creepily staring at him from afar.
My next famous sighting was just yesterday, while I was minding my own business in Barnes and Noble at the Gateway. I was pursuing through the magazine section right by the front doors when in walks a very short, long haired hippie looking dude. I was impressed at how quickly my mind registered who it was. It was almost instant recognition that it was indeed, Chris Robinson from Black Crowes and he has in fact had sex with Kate Hudson, yes that is the exact series of thoughts coursing through my head, in that split second of him walking in, me looking up and him removing his sunglasses and 1,2,3....
 Chris Robinson.
As he went by me, he took a double take and even stopped a second at the end of the magazine shelves. I don't think he was checking me out, so much as allowing me to check him out, while also giving me the chance to throw my self at him, if I so desired. Which I would desire, if the following things didn't factor in.

1. He is not very tall at all.
2. I am married
3. As is he and he has a child.
4. Did I mention he wasn't very tall?
5. He slept with Kate Hudson, therefore to sleep with him, would kinda be like sleeping with her and its not that I don't think she is cute, I just wouldn't want to go there. 

Instead I just moved across the store, behind a book shelf and checked him out from there. It was obviously creepy, considering not one, but two, employees came over to ask me if I needed help. I mean, I know they meant finding something, but they might not have been too far off in general.
I would have snapped a picture from my stalker perch, of Chris, except that I had forgotten my phone at home. I am pretty sure that had I had it on me, I would have mustered the courage to go up to him and ask for a picture. Even if its bad famous people protocol.


  1. What the heckydoodle is Chris Robinson doing in SLC? I'd have gone up to him to ask if he could introduce me to Kate, who (I hope!) would introduce me to Matt et al. It's that six degrees of separation game. Who cares if it's bad protocol?

    I was knocked down on the ski slopes by John Stamos once, and I totally just skied away after he helped me up. He was like (in his most manly/famous voice), "Sorry about that!" and I just went about my skiing business. Who cares about John Stamos, even if he was actively in Full House right then?

  2. Huh. Should proof read so I don't start every sentence with who cares. Oh well. Who cares if I proof read blog comments?

  3. I care about John Stamos, Alyson! He is hawt :) Never had a famous run in. But, in my dreams, they are next to me in line, and we strike up a conversation like I don't know who it is, and act totally cool, so much so to the point that they want to hang out again. In my dream.

    PS- When you finish Mockingjay, lemme know... I am still very mixed feelings about it.

  4. al- The Black Crowes were playing at the Deopt, which is, for all intents and purposes, part of the Gateway. So I would surmise that anytime there is someone playing there that you love, you could go to B&N there and run into that person of love, pre show, as they acquire lattes and magazines of themselves. I am just saying.
    PS Emily - you got it!

  5. Both of you: I've finished Mockingjay. If you need a talking buddy.