Thursday, September 9

Sources say: NO shit

Not that I want to get my dirty fingers in their dirty pies. But seriously does this surprise anyone? I don't know that I hate Kat Von D that much or even Jesse James for that matter, even for the monstrosity of a mistake this might and could be. I mean. I hope Sandra has some loathing for him, but as for me, I just wouldn't date him, because I know (we all know) he is a scumbag. But I don't hate him, that isn't my job. And far be it for me to be surprised that Kat is dating him. She knows what he did, so its just like, what can you tell her that she doesn't already know.
All that aside, if this was a different universe where only good things happen, I think these two would make a lovely couple.


  1. I want to write a screenplay loosely based on this. SandraB is so great, he was lucky to have her; when she dumped him he cried and said he'd do anything to get her back. Now a coupla months later he's already in the new relationship and she's sitting back, probably wondering WTF happened to her life. At least she did the right thing removing him from it.

    Kat needs a little bit darker foundation on her face, no?

  2. I would read that screenplay, also yes she does, although I was just wondering, what is worse orange face or white face? I think Orange.

  3. that picture of Kat is atrocious, and every girl that knowingly dates a cheater stupidly hopes that they will be the one girl that the cheater will reform for. And Orangeface is DEFINITELY worse.