Friday, September 10

___ is as __ does

Yes all the plastic surgery has turned Heidi into a barbie doll of her former self. No it wasn't a good idea, but there is nothing she can do at this point except, reduce her implant size, which would require more surgery to rectify, so I say sunk lost. 

Always my thinking when I see famous people and their abs is, just how hungry are they?
Because I know that my abs could look like this too, if I never ate again in my life. However, I really enjoy food, it literally makes me so happy, that I will never, no matter the amount of exercise I endure, have abs this flat. And guess what, I prefer it that way.
When I was younger, I thought for a time about being professionally good looking (aka a model). It was very short lived for a few reasons.  My mother (bless her) sat me down and said "is this really all you want to do with your life, because I can tell you now, you are worth more and deserve more out of life."
But I was young and I thought, what is better than being really good looking?
Well I answered myself, FOOD! is better.
I didn't want to spend the rest of my life starving. So I choose to fight my way to middle of life, just like the rest and although its not as awesome and sometimes it down right stinks. 

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  1. You could not be better looking if you exercised 24/7 and starved yourself. When people see who my son is married to, they can't believe how beautiful you are! I'm so proud to have such gorgeous daughters!