Wednesday, September 8

A Mexican or Mexican't

I spend a lot of my time thinking. I do, I am a deep thinker. I think about all sorts of things like:
 should I shave my legs or just wear tights, is my hair redder today, what's for lunch, did I put deodorant on, can one girl own too many dresses, would that color be considered blue or navy or just navy blue, I should consider a spider solitaire contest, text from last night: is so educational, should I ever eat circus peanuts again, should I cut bangs and wear my hair straight, coffee or tea, where would a person find a gold sequined dress with big sequins, how early is too early to start planning a Halloween costume, glasses or contacts, ballet flats or ballet flats, is there a way to go to the gym without having to go to the gym.....
So its really nice when a movie comes along and I don't have to think, I can just enjoy it
I even fell asleep for a part of it and when I woke was still able to figure out what was going on. Now that is what I call pure entertainment.


  1. The thing I find hilarious about this is this guy was in the (for real, I saw these) Spy Kids movies, as "Uncle Machete". I see now that was an in-joke that I was not in on. But how hilarious is it that I see the trailers and posters now and say "That's the Spy Kids guy!" It's the reverse of the kind of recognition he'd want, I feel certain.

  2. It's because the MexiCANS are such a big part of your life, chula.