Monday, September 13

Just let it go

How long do you hold onto something? I like to think I can forgive and forget, yet I recently came upon a piece of information about my nemesis from High School and it turns out I have not forgotten or forgiven.
Lets give a brief history. This girl use to be one of my best friends, I was super close with her and her mother (its possible that I loved her Mother, more than her, ever, but that is beside the point). Then for no other reason that the mere fact girls are catty bitches, she decided to spread total lies about me in High School. 
Ok, we managed to move past all of those things, while still in High School, and she even came to my Wedding. 
Yet a few years ago, I saw her at a restaurant and cool guy'd her and proceeded to talk trash about her to the people at my table.
Seriously how old am I? I don't know. 
Then, I just found out (via the ever informative FB, where I am friends with her Mom and not her) that her husband is in a band that is somewhat locally famous albeit totally horrible (rhythms with boil hiss) and I screamed for total joy! And proceeded to reveal in the fact that she is married to a total douchebag and even recounted this exact story to the guys at work, with so much joy and elation in my voice, I was on the verge of crazy.
Apparently I did not forgive or forget or move on from High School and as the words were coming out of my mouth, I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself and feel like I needed a bar of soap, to wash my mouth right out. 
So, I have decided it is time to just let it go and it feels really good.


  1. Three cheers for letting go! But she totally deserved the smackdown. Also, pls teach me how to properly coolguy.

  2. I can think of about a half dozen people that I have never truly been able to forgive because what they did to me was super heinous, but thankfully they are a select few. And yes, how does one "cool guy" someone? :)

  3. its an actual move almost like a dance move, involves high kicks and everything