Monday, September 20

Two become one

So ...Ashley Tisdale
 (from the High School Musical fame, in case you live under a rock) is now starring in this horribly tragic new CW series called Hellcats (its about Cheerleaders). I accidentally watched this show last week and needless to say, craptastic. Which given her past  resume of work, is not surprising. She is sort of ok, as an actress, she doesn't blow my skirt up by any means, but, she is fine.
The only thing I can't stand about her really, is this face she pulls in all her pictures. It makes my skin craw and I just wanna cut if off of her, you know.
That being said, I was watching this video
and I can't help the nagging feeling that kept creeping into my conscious: 

Zola Jesus (pictured here, for reference, in case you don't watch the video, even though you should) looks like Ashley Tisdale, if Ashley Tisdale was a pasty, stringy haired, badly drawn eyebrow, Gothic chick. Which then got me thinking about the amazing possibility of these two staring in a bad CW series together. In which they would play twin sisters that don't get along, because they hang with such different crowds. Ashley, with the tan Cheerleaders and Zola with the pasty, Goths. Wherein, the season one cliff hanger would be: Will Ashley survive the poison induced coma, Zola put her in, after Zola found out Ashley was sleeping with her boyfriend, Razor (who, coincidentally looks a lot like Trent Reznor). 
I would call it
High School Sucks and then you Die!

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  1. Reminds me of Kiera Knightly's stupid lip-pursing thing she does in every photo Makes me want to punch her.