Monday, August 30

Is that you Buttercup?

Some people prefer to wear PJ's to the supermarket and some people prefer to wear them on airplanes. Then there are people like Miss Gaga, who prefer to wear studs and Lycra on airplanes.
and truthfully the only thing that distresses me about her decision, is the fact that airplanes are freezing cold. So, I am only nervous that her outfit might just solidify in the coldness and become unable to remove, except by a very large pair of pruning shears.  And while they are pruning her out of her outfit, they might just take her creativity (so she could reconsider sleeping with people, because creativity is taken from solidified garments, not vagina's, sorry for the mix up) and she will no longer be Lady Gaga. Which then leads to her turn as really bad second act on the Disneyland Main stage, directly following Lindsay Loahn's career.

1 comment:

  1. I'd love to see her @ Disney! I think this actually a really amazingly good plan.