Tuesday, September 28

Making a list

I have to laugh sometimes at the News Feed articles that come up,while I am scrolling through my gossip rag, online magazines. Like today, while I was reading about how Emily Deschanel, (sister of one Zooey Deschanel, don't know if you ever heard of her?) got married over the weekend. I happened to spy a news headline that read "Mom robs bank, pickups kids from school". 
My giggle fit was immediate. 
Mostly because all I could think was, what a fabulous multi-tasker this women is. 

And why is she? Because she is a Mom. She could get the house to smell like lemons after she bleaches the twenties. My guess is the pick up, went something like this:  pulling through the drop zone, gently screaming from and open window "Zachary, I can't slow down honey, toss your lunch box and backpack first, we have two more banks to hit up on the way home!"

1 comment:

  1. Women ARE fabulous multitaskers... I guess that is one way to do it :)