Wednesday, September 22

Let them fall where they may

A few weeks ago, I finally watched my first episode of Jersey Shore. Yes, I do live under a rock. Rest assured it was exactly as I expected; crass, obscene, messy, funny, shameful, lubricated, tan etc. etc. 
These kids know exactly what they are doing and we all know what we are doing by allowing them to do it. Misery loves company. 
That being said, last night I caught a few moments of one Miss Snooki on David Letterman and in spite of myself I found that she was actually rather endearing.
I decided if I could hang out with her, I probably would. I don't know that I would want to hangout with the whole group of them at once, but Snooki....she is pocket sized fun.


  1. My rock is impenetrable: I've still never seen it.

  2. Yes but Snooki is also pocket sized CRAZY :) And I've never seen it either, but I've certainly seen enough of The Soup making fun of it to get the gist ;)