Tuesday, August 24

for the sake of stiring shit up

Some people believe that the relationship and subsequent marriage of one Scarlett Johansson and one Ryan Reynolds is a total lie. I for one feel split in two on the subject. I find it really hard to believe that these two beautiful people can be really happy together. I mean... isn't there suppose to be one ugly person in every relationship? And every picture I see of these two, they seem, well apprised of the fact that they are both really good looking and therefore have nothing to talk about. Only do they have something to talk about when they are both standing in front of a mirror and throwing compliments at each other.
"Your eyebrows are so well sculpted"
" NO! your eyebrows are so well sculpted"
"Shut up, your abs are to die for"
"NO! your abs are to die for"
"Shut up and lets have really attractive sex"
"NO! you are really attractive sex"

Then again ....I think its just what we need to believe to help us sleep at night.

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