Wednesday, August 11

Like a Virgin

So everyone loves Madonna, she is fantastic and iconic and blah, blah, blah. I mean I love her music and I don't ever hate it, but rest assured I hate Madonna as a person. Which is crazy, because I will defend Elton John, to the death and I am pretty sure he is an even bigger diva, than Madonna, by leaps and bounds. But that is my right. I don't care that everyone thinks he is crappy person, but I totally care that I think Madonna is one.
That being said, I am so glad Guy Ritchie is no longer Mr. Madonna. I am happy to have him back making great movies (ie Sherlock Holmes) and not shit ones (ie Swept Away), and I am glad that his current lady friend is hot, like Madonna use to be, before she turned into a toned and taunt crypt keeper. I mean we all age, but girlfriend has never done it worse...
I am just saying.....

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  1. Just cuz you are in good shape, doesn't mean you are attractive. And yea, Keira Knightly and him make a cute couple :)