Tuesday, August 24

You are so welcome

So I don't know that everyone out there wanted at one point to be Jenny Lewis.
 but I did really, really bad back in 2003.
I have this really obsessive personality and when I get into something, I get into it all the way. Almost to the point of creepy, I guess. But, my want to be her was more just wearing really interesting (or disgusting, depending on who you asked) vintage outfits and listening to Rilo Kiley until my ears were bleeding. I luckily stopped short of tracking her down,cutting her hair off and making a vest out of it.
Now I have discovered that while I am personally nowhere near as adorable or talented as her, I am alright and being Liz, will do just fine.
That and I don't know how impressed I have been lately with the music she is making. 
Does, not loving her music, have anything to do with the fact that I am mildly jealous of Johnathan Rice and his relationship with her? ummm......maybe.


  1. they are gonna be here in a few weeks... perhaps you can convince her to dump him and become your partner in crime?

  2. convince or just club her and keep her in my basement..thus not giving her a chance to say no.