Monday, August 9

on the way back home

Nothing can be done about the absolutely crippling fear that grips me every year when the Back to School commercials start in. Each time I see one, my palms begin to sweat and my heart skips to a triple beat and I am frozen to my chair with wide eyes. Pure fright and Panic.
It also starts a steady string of dreams in which I am not graduating high school, because I failing gym. I think in reality this is my subconscious telling me to go back to school, that I have some unfinished business, school and I. But I really wish my inner crazy, communicated this to me in a less: crying and shaking in the corner, over backpacks: sort of way.


  1. Do it! Go back to school! Wouldn't that be fun? Just think of all the new crayons and pencils ;)

  2. I have dreams that I am back in HS but I am 30 and no one realizes it because I look SO young (rolls eyes). I start failing at math (which has always been my worst subject) and am freaking out about how I will never go to college and how I am a failure at life, and then I have this startling realization that I already graduated and don't need to be there and then I walk out. Not sure what it means, but I am generally excited for everyone else when school starts, and I manage to compartmentalize my own fears and to only share them at family functions/on family blogs. :)