Monday, July 12

Why wouldn't I Twitter

( Brighton Pier in London, taken by hubby, just for me!)
It only seems obvious that I would also Twitter, I mean right, plus this is a good way to have people follow me, I feel ready for that, kind of. I love to hear myself talk so much, I write a blog. And some of the things I have floating about in my balloon face, are too silly to put on facebook (Which I love to hate, but mostly just hate! People get too personal and preachy on that damn site. Can't we just talk about how many burritos it takes until you have hot snakes for breakfast? (that will only make sense if you have ever had hot snakes for breakfast!)


  1. I feel like I am a lot funnier on twitter than I am on FB.

  2. that's because Twitter is an online place where you keep your secrets


    PS- Hot Snakes. Ssssssssick. ;)