Thursday, July 1

Come back around

The obvious question on your lips, did I see Eclipse, Yes! and now I will discuss how it made me feel.
It was exactly what I expected it to be. It didn't exceed my expectations nor did it fail to live up to what I thought it would be. Obviously, as with any franchise film, they continue to get better, every single time. The actors are more comfortable with the characters and tend to be more comfortable on screen and with each other (Kristen only managed to lick her lips only a handful of times). Likewise, the writer is more familiar with the characters and therefore the script tends to be void of phrases like " hold on tight spider monkey". The budget is more expansive and that shows in the sets, costumes and make-up (Rosalie is no longer sporting red lipstick, Hallelujah) The most exciting thing for me this time was the director, David Slade, made it feel like an actual movie and not just a Twilight movie. Which I don't know how to describe that really, but from the very first shot it just felt different. Stylistically, it could have been any movie out there, even someone who wasn't a fan of Twilight could sit through this movie, well... I mean, almost. I still have a hard time not laughing out loud at some of the moments that are suppose to be tender and precious. But that is because I am less attached to this story than I ever use to be, so I can only imagine someone who was even less attached, relating at all to this absolutely silly story. Marianne and Lucy shared with us last night, what one of their friends thought about Twilight, he told them: " I don't know much about Twilight, other than its about a boy and girl that love each other, and there is a werewolf that puts his paw print on a baby."  
Which is so funny and tragic that this statement, while not entirely accurate, pretty much does sum up four books, a world wide phenomenon and the silliest Vampire story ever. 

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