Thursday, July 8

Bet you thought I died...

After attending a very rocking WHW Engineering, company  BBQ, last night. I was heading home on 2-15  at about 9:30, the freeway was a steady stream, not overly busy, but active. I was on my phone with Anthony who was at LAX trying to figure out a very perplexing luggage situation; when you need to check a guitar, but there is a weight and size limit and anything that exceeds it costs mucho money, what do you do? Because of this conversation, I was not paying as much attention to the road as I should have been. I noticed the large (as tall as a person) wooden looking box in my lane just in enough time. The next series of events are not so clear. I thought I turned the wheel enough to swerve around the box, into the next lane. But I must have over corrected, I screeched and swerved into and across all the other lanes of traffic sideways. I panicked and tried to correct that over correction and swerved back across again. I continued to panic and tried to fix that and ended up doing a 360 in the middle of 2-15; cars where everywhere and I have no idea how I missed any of them. When I finally came to a halt I was facing the wrong way on the freeway, with a large SUV coming right at me. I managed to get the car, which wasn't really running, over to the shoulder of the freeway before the SUV got to me and before the car finally stalled died. I was freaking out and amazed I was fine and I hadn't hit anyone and no one hit me. Because I should have, others have done less idiotic driving and died.
I managed to find my phone, Anhtony was still on the line....he heard the whole thing and thought I had died.  He heard me scream and undoubtedly cus,  and the screeching of the tires and then nothing. So he was screaming my name, into his phone, in LAX. 
I cried forever, into the phone saying I almost died, I almost died...and after a good while, I managed to eventually drive home. Although I cried the whole way because I was so freaked out. Then I couldn't sleep because I was so freaked out. And I was a little teary on my way to work because I was so freaked out. Then all the guys at work (after hearing about it) decided to tell all their stories of having the same thing happen to them, but with actually crashing involved and I just almost lost it, because I am so freaked out.
The only things I know for certain are
1. Don't talk or text while driving, ever!
2. It was obviously not my time.
3. Not one person stopped to see if I was ok, where is the humanity?


  1. Oy! That is super duper scary! I am glad you are ok! Be safe!

  2. Someone should have stopped! So, so glad you're OK and that you didn't die. And while maybe having the phone to your ear was a contributor, I am glad you were able to talk to Anthony just after it happened—I bet that was a comfort for both of you.


  3. OH EM GEEEE!! I am so glad you are ok! What a scary situation.

  4. Oh my hell!!! How freakin' scary!!!!! I am SO glad you are ok. You really are very lucky and definitely have a guardian angel for sure. I can't believe it, although not really surprised, that no one stopped. I would have stopped for sure. I am truly sorry that happened!! Take care please!! Love your guts!!

  5. I am so glad you are ok! What a super scary story! I have a story like that where I was in a car accident on our way to Lagoon the same day Kari got burned. Angels are REAL!!!

    Hope that helps :)