Tuesday, July 27

I command you in the name of Bacteria...be gone!

I may be the only person not on the Bactine party bus, but rest assured I am now. 
I put a little of this on a blemish of any kind and miracles happen. Only second in its magic is 
Burt's Bees acne spot treatment. These two things have personally transformed my skin. And.....I use to be on the natural deodorant train, because can all that aluminum really be good for you? if you ask a hippie, NO WAY, although they would also recommend never showering and standing really close to you in a crowded space where you can't escape their stink....so maybe aluminum isn't all bad. Especially if you sweat excessively for a girl or even a chimpanzee, like I do. I sweat so much I use clinical strength deodorant and the best one for my money...
DOVE clinical protection, it seriously kicks secrets clinical protections ass into next year. And I feel like I am only just barely feeling the effects of all those chemicals coursing through my veins........jhn,mhlhoiyhoubjnlkjj.........................sorry my hand feel asleep, that's wierdklljlj;l;//////////////////////////////////


  1. :)

    Seriously Bactine for zits? I never knew!! BTW your skin has always been gorgeous. But I'm all for it if you found something that helps you.

  2. I do like the dove deoderant for sensitive skin. I am not a flowery armpits kinda girl, and this one was one of the few who does unscented and works. It keeps up with me, and I like it.. :)

  3. YOU'RE BACK!!! I love it all. Every little bit of it. I missed you. I am going to try the Dove deodorant because I sweat like a fat bastard. Thanks for the info.

  4. Fat Bastards sweat?!? WEIRD. All the ones I know smell like daisies...in a compost heap... oh wait...