Wednesday, September 28

Protect me from what I want

Instead of focusing on all the vices I am failing at,  lets discuss first what I am actually doing right. I have been doing lots of yoga and over all I feel awesome about it. All my postures are improving in strength and flexibility, my digestion has never been better and my skin is breaking out in weird places (due to all the sweat), its just amazing. There are some goals I want to reach within my 30 day yoga challenge and they are as follows; 1: My biggest weakness is my hamstrings, I have little to no flexibility when it comes to touching my feet because my hamstrings are locked up tight (is this ballets fault?). However, every yoga session they do loosen up a smidgen and my hope is that by the time my 30 days is up, all those straight leg/toe touching postures are going to be as easy as spreading butter. 2: Attend one 6 am class. Twice I have gotten all my stuff ready, set my alarm and gone to bed with the resolution of doing yoga first thing in the morning. Then the alarm goes off and I am never convinced that yoga is better than sleep, but...I am going to do it once. 3:  Two consecutive yoga sessions......180 minutes? It sounds like a terrible idea, yet everyone says its amazing what you do in the second session.......what, like die from dehydration and finish out your session as a raisin shaped like your former self, because that would be amazing....
I haven't had any alcohol, this doesn't feel much like an accomplishment, because like I said, it was going to be the easiest to give up. I have had a few instances where I was like "Hey we should grab a drink" but then I remember and I'm like "Hey you should grab a drink because I have Bikram at 6 am."
NO eggs, no gelatin; I've just been super conscious of checking labels and eating tasty treats that I know are vegan, thus making it super easy to avoid eggs and gelatin.
I am getting referrals for some therapists, because that is definitely something you don't want to just Google search for. But, no I'm not in therapy yet.
NO dating, but I'm still obsessed with/texting and being sad over this one dude...(its lame but its honest). I wish getting a divorce made you completely impervious to this bullshit because I have paid my dues, I should never be bummed out over a dude, ever again...right?
Generally speaking I am down to one glorious cup of coffee a day. I have had a few days where I slipped up and drank two cups...listen, I'm not perfect....just damn close.
Everyday I am in the state of mind of "If I buy one would have to know." Its still a real struggle to not shop. I have purchased a new yoga towel (it's turquoise, need I say more) but seriously, with the amount I'm doing, I had to step up my game and get a legit yoga towel. Also, I went on a mini vacation this weekend to my families cabin in WY. When I was packing, my toiletry bag broke, so I had to get a new one....and I may have bought a Missoni for Target travel case....listen, its designer for Target prices, I was lucky I didn't walk out with the whole line.

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  1. For as much temptation that is out there, I would say that you are doing extremely well with your goals. I cant even go into a store without doing a little shopping, heck I cant even sit down in front of a computer without doing it. Ugh, and dont even get me started on boys, they cant be the worst and the best. Anywho, keep up the good work!!