Monday, February 28

Liz's - Oscar Winners

Best Besties

Busy and Michelle have been BFF's since Dawson's Creek & Busy is even godmother to Matilda; BFF's are awesome!

 Best Mistake turned Life Commitment

Smile like you love it Benji, this is your life now

 Best Newbie

Jennifer Lawrence of Winters Bone owning it

 Best New Couple

Whether the are or not, they should be

Best Zombie
That pile of flesh looks surprisingly spry!

 Best Lesbian Couple

Its 2011 & I for one am glad they aren't afraid to share their love with everyone.
 I'm sorry what was that? That's a boy? um, no,I call bullshit.


  1. I didnt watch the oscars cuz its not on netflix. But out of all the little recaps Ive read today, I like this one the best.

  2. Love your comment on Best Lesbian couple :) I concur.