Monday, February 28

and then there was

Obviously I am delusional in thinking that anyone has continued to check my blog to see if I have ever/will ever post again. But if anyone out there in the dusty confines of the blog-a-sphere is hoping that at some point in my sad life, I would once again tap upon the dirty gray-ish keys, the verbal shit is about to hit the fan.
My break was due to spreading my legs...err...myself too thin. Having three jobs is far too many for someone like me, who enjoys sleep more than any functional adult should. So with one of my three coming to a close this very evening I am feel footloose, fancy free and ready to Blog bitch!


  1. Well guess what? Someone has continued to check your blog. Or, more easily, I have your blog on my feed so that every new post pops up automatically. BECAUSE I HEART YOU. Yay for ditching one of those pesky jobs! Ready for the blogging.

  2. Yay!!!! The best news Ive heard all week.