Thursday, March 3

Dancing when the stars go blue

Hardest part of my day so far has been trying to decide how I fee about Zac Efron as a man
with his full man cheeks and his long gone boy band bangs.... I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT....
.I just wanted him to look like this forever......
dapper and with a hint of androgynous homosexuality. 
I think about a relationship with him and the scenario
haunts me; he is prettier than me and yet more of a man than I will ever be and I know I would often find myself locked in the bathroom standing naked in front of the mirror trying to figure out what is it exactly, that keeps that hunk of manflesh in my bed. And the tears and self loathing are enough to prematurely wrinkle me and that for sure would not keep boy Zac or man Zac in my bed for very long.


  1. I super like the first picture, short hair, and mostly clean shaven face :) Not such a fan of the moustache :)

  2. I'm at a much more comfortable age distance, and I just (as in, solely) think he's glorious. I add him to the list of way-too-young men that I could lust after if they weren't young enough to be my children.


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