Tuesday, October 12

Dead Snow

This was just a delightful little film. Not only was the gore appropriately gory, but it was about kids killing Zombie Nazis, I mean, talk about double the pleasure, double the fun. 
Also this film was good, considering the very real possibility that it could have been really bad. It was a very solid Zombie movie, in that, the writing wasn't cringe worthy, the deaths were good and there wasn't too many times I shouted at the screen "Oh Come, that could never happen!" in fact I only recall that happening once.
As per usual, there is always one person that makes it out of the woods (as it were) and will continue to live their life. However, I offer this assessment of that Horror movie norm. Would you want to continue living after being attacked by Zombie Nazis? After you chainsawed off your own arm, accidentally killed your girlfriend cuz you thought she was a Zombie (cuz she decided to grab your arm, while you were in the middle of hacking Zombies to pieces, seriously, homegirl deserved to die), you watched all your other friends get torn to pieces (literally), I mean how do you be normal after that? What kind of life would that be?
(the girl who lives in  Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to mind every time)
(there is just no coming back from that)
 And I don't know that I would want to
accuse me all you want of giving up too soon, but I don't know that after a certain point, I would continue to fight for my life. 
So I guess its good that there is also the very refreshing ending of; you thought they made it to safety, but there is a Zombie in their back seat and fade to black..... gives me chills, EVERY TIME!

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